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6 Essential Oil Infused Bath Salts for Babies + Kids You Need to Use Right Now

Have you used bath salts yet? If not, you're really missing out! Bath time is a nightly routine at our house- I'm a firm believer that a good bedtime routine is the key to those babies sleeping longer and more peacefully through the night. I mean, who doesn't get relaxed by a tubful of warm, smell-good water??

You will need a few really basic supplies (you probably even have most of this in your house already!)

Glass containers- I really like these mason jar shooters. They hold the perfect amount for kid-size bath salts AND they don't take up much space, so you can mix up each scent and store them with plenty of room in your bathroom cupboard. It's a win-win!

Epsom salt- You can find this anywhere really. But you can buy in bulk and save money here.

Chalkboard labels- These aren't a "must-have", but I like all of my items neat and tidy.. and cute! These labels are especially perfect if you're mixing these bath salts as a gift. If you're in a huge hurry you can always use a piece of masking tape and a sharpie to decipher your mixes, it just won't look as pretty.

Essential oils- These are NOT created equally. Please, please, please do NOT buy essential oils from a whole foods store, retailer like Bed Bath & Beyond or from any other place that does not specialize in therapeutic grade oils. The cheap oils are filled with synthetic chemicals and can actually be very toxic to your and your kids' health. There is only one company I trust and this is the only place I buy my essential oils.

Fool-proof directions:

Fill your mason jar shooter about 3/4 full of Epsom salt. Add your essential oil and close the cover tight. Shake well until oils are incorporated evenly. Fill the rest of the jar up with more Epsom salt. Replace cover, shake and store. For small babies just a teaspoon in your bathtub is enough. For toddlers or small children you only need about a tablespoon or less.

Sleepy Time Slumber

Lavender and cedarwood really help to bring relaxation to the environment. They are very soothing to babies and kids of all ages (even us big kids too). I even find myself so relaxed and ready for bed shortly after giving the kiddos baths. This was the first bath salt I mixed up and tried it out on my newborn son. He was sleeping roughly 11 hours straight through the night by 8 weeks old. It really works!

3 drops Lavender

3 drops Cedarwood

Peaceful Pacifier

This mix is especially helpful for babies who need a little extra soothing comfort. It can help relax baby so he or she feels peaceful and happy. It smells Ah-mazing!

3 drops Peace&Calming

3 drops GentleBaby

Immune Booster

I use this bath salt often during cold and flu season. Thieves is a blend of clove, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus radiata, and rosemary. It was formulated after a French tale of a band of thieves who stole from the dead and dying. The thieves wore different herbs and spices to protect themselves from the illnesses of those they stole from. RC is such a calming scent of 3 different kinds of eucalyptus, myrtle and other essential oils. The scent of this combo is so refreshing and yummy.

4 drops Thieves

2 drops RC

Skin So Soft

This blend is really great for babies and kids who have sensitive skin. Sometimes that baby-soft skin needs a little extra support- especially in the dry, winter air.



Talkin' Tummy

Babies who are in need of some tummy support will really enjoy this mixture. Roman chamomile is very soothing, while the fennel in DiGize makes tummies happy. **Please note that if you have a family history of epilepsy or seizures, you should avoid fennel.

Roman chamomile



Sweet Dreams

This one is great for little and big kids alike. Put their fears aside and let them have sweet dreams all night. No procrastinating bed time anymore!




We use one of these mixes during bath-time each night. My toddler daughter refers to them as "sprinkles" and makes sure I never forget to add her sprinkles to the bathwater. Enjoy!

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