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Baby Butt Balm

Diaper rash. It's one of those awful occurrences that no matter what you do, it seems to appear at least of a few times before your baby is potty trained.

My son didn't have diaper rash at all for months. Not one. It was SAAAWEEET!! And then he started teething.... Why experts say that diaper rash and teething aren't related is beyond me. Just when one of those pearly whites is about to pop through, there comes the diarrhea and terrible red bottom. How can it not be related?! You see, science is funny like that. Even though those symptoms happen Every. Single. Time... there is no apparent "proof" for science.

You know what science? Sometimes you suck.

So what's a parent to do with a diaper rash your child has 'for no apparent reason'? Well, surely not buy one of those toxin-filled name brand creams on the market!

With my first-born, we had gotten Desitin as a gift and A&D from the hospital. We had tried both at the time and they made our daughter's skin break out terribly. Instead of a measly diaper rash, her bottom swelled up and turned the deepest shade of red in every spot the creams touched. She screamed to get her diaper changed. She screamed in the tub to wash that crud off. It was terrible. I didn't know what to do for her.

It wasn't until I found out what was really in those creams that I fully understood why we shouldn't have used them in the first place. You can check out the EWG's information on those two creams right here: Desitin and A+D.

So if the name brand diaper creams are off-limits... what's a mom to do? Make your own DIY Baby Butt Balm, of course! I swear, it is SO simple and SO gentle on your baby's bottom you'll be wondering why you haven't made it sooner. (And it really WORKS!)

Baby Butt Balm

1/4 cup coconut oil. I get mine here:

3 drops of Gentle Baby essential oil*

3 drops of Lavender essential oil*

Combine all ingredients and store in a non-plastic container. I love these 2 oz. tin containers. They are the perfect size and you can make one up for home, the diaper bag, daycare, grandma's house, etc. Plus, they are very durable!

*Essential oils are NOT all created equally. Some are made with synthetic chemicals and can actually be toxic for your baby's health. Get the ONLY kind I recommend here.

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